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My name is Lindsay and I am a busy mama just like you. I am a full-time working mama juggling new mom life, running a household, and work. I love learning new things to make myself a better mom and wife.

I help moms learn more about exclusive pumping, working mom life, and being a new mama.

I was an exclusive pumper for 9 months. Exclusive pumping is very hard work. I applaud any mama that chooses to be an exclusive pumper. Not only did I exclusively pump, but I did so as a working mom. I have the knowledge to help moms going back to work know what to expect, and how to keep their supply up. If you need help on what you should keep in your pumping bag while you go back to work, be sure to read Pumping Bag Essentials.

I create crochet patterns designed for beginners.

My goal is to create simple clear crochet patterns that the newest of crafters are able to follow and create beautiful projects with yarn. Crochet is a huge passion of mine. I am a self-taught crocheter, and I have been crocheting for many years. I have an obsession with yarn, and can’t wait to have a craft room someday with a dedicated yarn space! 🙂

I help mom bloggers learn how to take their own photos for their blogs.

Over the years I’ve done several photo sessions of seniors, families, and maternity pictures. Now I’m combining my love for photography and crafts. Flat lay photography is a huge attraction right now on social media. Mastering this skill can help busy mom bloggers save time and speed up their process for creating those drool-worthy social media posts. If you have amazing blog photos, even if you just take them on your phone, you won’t have to do very much editing. This saves us, busy mamas, a lot of headaches!

If you need some beginning tips on taking better flat lay photos, 5 Easy Steps for Better Flat Lay Photos will point you in the right direction.

Fun Facts

I absolutely love to DIY and craft, but crocheting is my favorite. I also love photography, and I’ve been taking photos since high school. Fall is my favorite season and gets my creative juices flowing! While I craft, I love to drink coffee and watch Gilmore Girls.

I went to college and earned a degree in Hospitality Management. After college, I worked in the catering industry, and I loved everything about it except the hours. Working in the catering and events industry has made me very detail oriented.

After I got married, my husband and I decided the catering industry wasn’t the best career for me if we wanted to have a family. I had my daughter and had to go back to work right away to help support our growing family.

It was very hard to leave my daughter every day, but knowing you have someone that will love on your baby the way you do helps a lot. A baby girl, and 3 crazy dogs later, I am still planning events at my current job, but doing it with a much better schedule!

My blogging journey started as a way to bring in some extra income. It’s been a learning process, that I still go through every day. It has led to connecting with other mom bloggers and knowing there are others out there to support you. The online mama community is going and I am so happy to be a part of it!

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