Balancing Working Mom Life and Family

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Balancing Working Mom Life And Family

Exciting news in the Create a Mama world! My daughter is now crawling! Now time to baby proof the house lol.

So if you didn’t know already I am a working mom. It was an adjustment for our family all at once because I had my daughter and then got a new job all within a couple months. My husband also started a new job at the same time so it was a total re-learning process. I think we finally have it after what, 6 months?

I looked forward to the routine of working and having our family on a pretty good consistent schedule. Keep in mind it didn’t come to us overnight. We had to trial and error many different things and figure out what worked the best. My daughter will soon be eating 3 meals a day along with breastmilk, so we’ll have to reconfigure our schedule again!

Another side note, I am an exclusive pumper, so I’ll include my exclusive pumping schedule in this article, but if it doesn’t pertain to you, just skip over those bits!

Our morning routine

We all get up between 5-5: 30 am. Yes, I know so early. And to be honest I’m not a morning person. Just ask my husband that has to drag me out of bed some days! But getting up this early allows me to pump in the morning and have time to put the milk away. My first pump of the day is when I have the most output so it takes a little longer to get things put away.

My husband is a big help in the morning. He feeds our daughter while I pump. I pump for about 25 minutes. During this time our dogs also eat. Before my husband leaves for the day he gets the baby situated and she plays until I get her ready to go.

Once I’m done pumping I get ready and gather all our things for the day such as the diaper bag, lunches, my pumping stuff etc. I have some daily vitamins that I take so I will do this during this time also. We try to leave the house by 7 am so that I can get to work on time.


Once I am at work, I do you know work stuff. (Lol). I catch up on emails and do reports. Since I am exclusive pumper I have set my schedule up so that I can pump twice during the day.

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My work is very good about letting me take as long as I need to pump so I pump for 25 minutes twice a day. Once mid-morning and once mid-afternoon. If you have to figure an exact amount of time give yourself an extra 10 minutes that will allow for setup and cleanup. So probably about 35 minutes total.

At home during the evening

My routine when I get home is slowly starting to change. As my daughter gets older we are having to adjust our schedule to fit her needs.

I try to make it a point to spend time with my daughter when we get home. I play with her and give her her evening bottle. We are starting with solid foods so now we are incorporating some solid foods into this routine.

After my daughter eats I will pump for 20 min. I keep this one a little shorter so that I have a little more time to make dinner or do whatever needs to be done.

I usually make dinner after I pump, or some days while I pump. (I use my little portable pump on these days). My husband gets home a little later and I like to have dinner somewhat warm for him. Don’t let this Suzy homemaker attitude fool you. A LOT of nights end up in frozen pizza. More than I care to admit lol.

After we eat it is typically time to give the baby a nightcap before bed. Depending on how the evening goes she goes to bed between 7-8.

Once my daughter is in bed I take this time to get things ready for the next day. I pack lunches, clean up dinner, and just prepare.

Now I think this is the point where I finally sit down. Once everything is done I try to squeeze in some time to work on my blog. Normally this happens during my last pump of the day which is between 9:30-10pm. 

Your schedule won’t happen overnight

Finding your own schedule can be time-consuming. It took a few months for us to really get it down. Now my daughter is so used to her routine we don’t dare get her off track, or we have a grouchy baby on our hands!

Weekends we take time to relax and sleep in. We typically try to clean the house on the weekends because there’s really not much time to do it during the week.

One thing to remember is that your baby will determine your schedule. I’m a new mom and I have learned this over and over. If the baby is grumpy and needs to be held, well then hold the baby. Soon they won’t want to be held. Also If you have other kids in the mix your schedule will probably look a little different.

Exclusive Pumping Recap

I pump 5 times a day for a total of 2 hours every day. This schedule has kept my supply up really well. It has resulted in 2 freezers full of a frozen stash. I’m an over supplier for sure so this method may not work for everyone. 5 pumps per day are my sweet spot. But more on that later!

As your baby gets older, you’ll have to learn to go with the flow. I’ve learned to really read my daughter’s cues and know when she is ready for something new. This happened when she was ready to start going down for the night by herself.

Just remember to be flexible! And don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t get the whole house cleaned when you want to or you have to settle for frozen pizza for dinner. It happens. Lean on your spouse and work together! This time when the babies are small only lasts for a little bit!

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Are you going back to work soon and need some extra advice on pumping at work? Stacey Stewart has created this awesome online Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class (*affiliate link) that walks you through everything you need to know. I honestly wish I would have known about this course before I went back to work! Stacey is a Certified Lactation Consultant and the founder of Milkology.

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