DIY Marble Photography Background

Mable Photography Background

DIY Marble Photography Background

Product photography is so important in any business. Whether you are a blogger, an Etsy shop owner, stock photo stylist, or even a marketing guru, you need to have pictures of your products.

Any sort of photography equipment can drain your bank account. If you don’t know from personal experience, trust me it can! There are a few basics that you need to take good pictures. A background, light, a camera, and your subject.

A super popular background right now is the marble background. Marble is a super clean background that helps your products pop. It looks great and is subtle enough to be used with many different things. A real marble countertop can be expensive. Even a marble slab that you want to use for pictures can also be pricey. I don’t know about you, but this mama can’t afford a marble countertop!

I do however have an awesome hack to get you that marble background look, that you can do in seriously 30 minutes! This is perfect for product photography, stock photos, or food photography. So while those babies are sleeping during naptime, gather your materials so you can transform your images!

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Materials needed:

Background materials

Clean Surface

The first thing you will want to do is make sure that your white foam core board doesn’t have anything on it that will make the liner bubble. You want this to look like a real counter, and I don’t recall seeing any counters with bubbles. Lol! I just wiped it off with a clean dry washcloth so that it didn’t scratch the surface. Clear away any fuzz, lint, or in my case dog hairs. (I have 3 furry shedding dogs)


Next, you will want to measure the board so that you know roughly the length you will need to cut your liner. Lay your paper on a clean surface upside down with the faux marble facing down. Use the measuring tape to measure the approximate length and of the white foam core board. Mark a small dot or line on the paper so that you know where to start cutting. My paper had backing with lines. If yours has this you may not need the measuring tape. 

board measurements

For the width, I had to improvise a little. My contact paper wasn’t the exact size of the board. So I measured the length and cut 2 pieces the same size. I trimmed the second piece so that it would fit in the little bit that wasn’t covered yet. 

Put back in what the camera took out with PicMonkey's intuitive touch up tools

Cutting the Contact Paper

Once you have measured and marked, you can start cutting the paper. If you really want precision you can use a straight edge cutter, but make sure you have something underneath the liner so you don’t cut whatever is underneath! Otherwise, I just used scissors. You won’t see the edge because it will be wrapped around the back so it doesn’t have to be a perfect line. 

Once you are done cutting place the paper on the board to make sure your piece you just cut lines up with your board. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect because you want some to hang over the edge. And there’s extra in the role of faux marble, so you can always redo it if it is terrible.

Apply the Contact Paper to the Foam Board

Now you can peel the backing off and slowly stick the liner onto the board.

Take your time to smooth it out so you don’t have any bubbles or wrinkles. You can use a credit card to smooth out the bubbles if you would like. A ruler would work too because it is longer.



Once it is all smoothed out and flat there should be some slightly hanging over the edge.


Fold the part hanging over the edge over so that it creates a nice edge. Fold the corners kind of like wrapping paper so that they stay down.


Below you see the portion of the board that is left. You will have to measure and cut a smaller piece to cover this. Repeat the above steps to cover the smaller part.

You’ll have a line from where you had to add the second smaller piece. It doesn’t always show up, but if it does you can edit it out pretty easily. That’s it, you are done! Now you have a beautiful background to take gorgeous photos on! Isn’t my daughter’s little hippo a cute model?! 🙂 

Check out 5 Easy Steps for Better Flat Lay Photos for more great tips on how to use your new marble background!

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